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US Military Combat Camera Research Center

Mission Statement

MCCHSM Research Center Mission Statement

* Assigned military and civilian combat camera professionals conduct fundamental research to explain and discover tactics of how a combat camera troop operates, uses equipment, train in various combat scenarios and the affects of being in these various types of combat situations, globally.

* Both civilian and military researchers develop and test new techniques of training for recording in a combat environment. Investigates various combat situations, evaluate how to safely operate within any combat environment and also using the techniques as a professional trained military soldier in the use of weapons as well as their recording gear. Researchers also test new processes of surviving in various combat environments.

* Professional civilians and military develop and apply new knowledge to assist combat camera enlisted and project officers in reducing any incidence and death rate from operating in various combat environments.

In fulfilling the mission of the US Military Combat Camera History & Stories Research Center

* Both civilian and military researchers conduct fundamental research to discover techniques underlying the involvement and effects of operating in any combat situation and the dangers associated to operating in various combat environments that can cause death.

* Both civilian and military researchers develop, evaluate and test methods of working in various combat environments.

* Both civilian and military researchers develop and apply new knowledge to assist combat camera enlisted and project officers to reduce any incidents and death from operating in various combat scenarios.

Both civilian and military researchers in the field of ground, sea and aerial combat camera; military radio and television broadcasters and field technicians share and integrate their findings and insights to foster the development and testing of new approaches.

US Military Combat Camera History & Stories Museum Research Center is dedicated to:

* Generating new operational methods and techniques of being in different combat scenarios and environments; and translating them towards documenting with more superior efficiency and successful mission accomplishments of all US combat ground, sea and aerial camera troops, field technicians and project officers.

* Recruiting, supporting and training highly qualified US civilian and military media and technical professionals in an environment that promotes collaboration and excellence.

* Cooperating with other research entities, both civilian and military combat experts, other military media commands, and military combat camera training schools; and also with military academies to assure worldwide access to new research findings and technical developments.

* Providing perceptive, resourceful and effective results for the success of all US combat camera enlisted, field technicians and project officers in our experimental methods and other studies.

* Promoting the importance of methodological research, responsible insight and awareness of safety, security of being in various unhealthy and healthy environments and the different scenarios in which the combat camera, field technician and project officers work. Personal behavioral training by working with the Department of Defense; the different military commands and with different base units; to meet successful mission accomplishments in the US and overseas.

Statement of Values

US Military Combat Camera History & Stories Research Center, Dean, assistant Dean, managers and staff all have important roles in creating an environment that exemplifies the following values:

Methodological Excellence – The Center’s first commitment is to excellence in method work. We have a high standard of ethics and integrity in conducting our research.

Respect – We respect the contributions that each individual makes to ensure the success of our knowledge. We honor the contribution of the Department of Defense, the different military commands, military commands for combat camera and their unit commanders; enlisted camera and technicians, project officers and military academic professors who study teach on military matters.

Openness – We recognize the importance of sharing information and allowing for the free exchange ideas between staff throughout the Center regardless of position or affiliation with outside interests. We strive to have decisions made by those closest to the issue, acknowledging the value of first-hand experience.

Innovation – We recognize the importance of creativity and responsible risk-taking. We aim to minimize bureaucracy and maintain focus on the mission. Our systems and policies support our methodological achievement.

US Military Combat Camera History & Stories Research Center

Dr. Sylvester Caraway Jr. USAF retired (1974 to 1994) - ex-aerial and ground combat cameraman

605 W. Terrell St, Suit E

Greensboro, NC 27406

Phone: 336 676 4788

Cell: 336 965 6696

Toll free: 800 868 1097 

©US Military Combat Camera History & Stories Museum a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization

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