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Our Mission Statement


For-profit 997 LLC 

Mission Statement

“We honor US military combat camera troops, commanders, project officers, trainers, support technicians, laboratory personnel, film/video editors, sound technicians, administrators and civil servants that worked with us in combat camera units, headquarters, combat camera/photo/video training schools and the pentagon.” Our pictorial history began with the American Revolution. Talented artists placed themselves on hilltops surrounding battlegrounds in harm’s way to capture the images of battle and preserve these historical events for future generations. During the Civil War, advancements in technology enabled the photographers to capture the battlefield with single still shot cameras in very close proximity to the line of fire to freeze that moment in time. In addition, these still photographers initiated aerial reconnaissance in hot air balloons. As time and technology progressed, so did the advancement of combat tactics where the battlefield moved between ground and air during the American/Mexican Conflict and WWI to the present. Civilian cameramen were replaced by the combat camera that we have today – where history is recorded in the battlefield whether with air patrol or ground troops, up close and in the middle of the action. It is to these brave individuals this museum is dedicated along with the support technicians who supported them. “A battle may be fought bravely and won, but who would remember, when no one is left to tell the story if not for the pictorial record preserved in time.”

(T Houck) 

Combat Camera “Keeping the Tradition” (Dr. Sylvester Caraway Jr., USAF retired)

Hear CMSgt Doug Morrell, USAF retired tell his story about being the first combat cameraman during WWII, Korean War and Vietnam.

Combat Cameraman -

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U.S. Army Combat

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Day in The Life of An

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Combat Camera What We

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